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                              THOMAS HOOD IN THE RUSSIAN LITERARY CRITICISM AND PUBLIC DEBATE                                   IN THE 1860S - EARLY 1880S 


Zhatkin Dmitry Nikolaevich, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of sub-department of interpretation
and translation science, Penza State Technological Academy, fellow of the International Academy of sciences of pedagogical education, Russian Writers’ Union member, Russian Journalists’ Union member,
Kholodkova Yuliya Vladimirovna, Senior lecturer, sub-department of interpretation and translation science, Penza State Technological Academy, 

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This article describes the comprehension of the literary – critical perception of the English writer Thomas Hood in Russia in 1860–1870. Literary – critical, journalistic, epistolary materials are referred to the activity of the Russian writers and literary critics of 1860–1870, who thought of Hood through their civil and public views. The prevailing attention is paid to Hood’s works on the social themes written in early 1840s such as «The Song of the Shirt», «The Lady’s Dream», «The Workhouse Clock», «The Bridge of Sighs», «The Lay of the Labourer». This attention finds the reflection in public processes in Russia in the reign of Alexander II. The most significant articles about Thomas Hood written in the mentioned period are analyzed in detail by M. L. Mikhailov and V. D. Kostomarov. Hood was also mentioned in the works of N. G. Chernyschevskiy, N. A. Nekrasov, M. E. Saltykov- Schedrin, D. I. Pisarev, D. L. Mordovtsev, V. P. Ostrogorsky. Begun by N. K. Mikhailovskiy, the controversy around the English author’s heritage continued developing in the compositions by F. M. Dostoevskiy and G. U. Uspenskiy. 

Key words

Thomas Hood, poetry, Russian journalistics, The Russian- English historic cultural and literary connections, literary criticism, controversy, reception, comparative study, artistic nicety. 

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